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It is time to start planning for the Steinert Class of 2024 Senior Events. We are excited to make plans for a Senior Night, Senior Breakfast, Supper with your Senior and the AfterProm party. It requires a village of volunteers and donations to make our fundraising year a successful one. We are asking for your help so that we can successfully organize these events for our Seniors. Our committee is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making your donation tax deductible. A donation of $100 will qualify you for a free AfterProm ticket (min. $10 value) and one free Senior Message ($5 value). A $50 donation will qualify you for one free Senior Message ($5 value). Any donation is greatly appreciated. The Afterprom party costs approximately $25,000 to host.

Below is a SignUp Genius for AFTERPROM, please help us 

 make it a great night for the seniors to continue to celebrate with their friends. 

- here's the link for the updated SignUp


The Steinert Senior Events Committee (aka Steinert After Prom Parents Association) is a group of parents, grandparents, and guardians that have committed to keep our children safe throughout the year with events for students to celebrate their senior year and especially on the night of prom. These events provide students with social opportunities free of drugs and alcohol.  The Committee raises funds to hold these events.       

  • 5/22 - Supper With Your Senior at Stone Terrace - Flyer

  • 6/7 - Senior Breakfast - during periods 1&2 in cafeteria

  • 6/7-6/8 - AfterProm Party - Permission Slip Here

MEETINGS (last meeting before AfterProm) Please attend to help us finalize plans.  We heavily rely on underclassman parents for set up so Senior parents can see their kids off to prom.  We need a new President next year and a 2nd VP would be nice.  Without a full board, these events will not happen for your Seniors next year.

ATTN Class of 2024: Join the meetings and start preparing for your senior's events! 

Next Meeting: May 14 at 7pm 

All grade level parents/guardians are welcome! Held once a month at 7pm on Tuesdays in the Steinert High School Library.

* Visit the Fundraising Info & Flyers page for details


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