Steinert After Prom Committees

Committees for 2021-22 are supporting the variety of Senior Events throughout the year. 

Steering Committee

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Inflatables, strolling performers, caricaturists, tattoo artists, video room,

movies and more will be organized for the evening. Our casino
is a traditional favorite offering Blackjack, Poker and Roulette.
Organizers are needed for these areas during the year and parent dealers
are needed the night of After Prom. Perfect committee for all grade levels.

Chairs:   TBD


Just like “down the shore” . . . lots of arcade games and games of skill and chance. Spin the wheel, set up the pins and stack the cards or handout prizes. This is always a favorite and busy room where you get to be in on the action.

Chair:   Beth Sweiezkowski



Creative, artistic and dedicated people needed. This committee

sets the tone for the night! But it’s not just the night of the

party that we need you to decorate the halls; we need help

throughout the year making the decorations. If you have a vision

and want to see it through, this is where you belong! But if you

aren’t creative, that’s okay because you can still be part of the

vision. Can you use scissors? paint? glue? hammer & nails? drill?

Then we want YOU! This is truly a committee of many workers.

Don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves, laugh and have some fun!

Chairs:   Denise Marusky -

Tracy Kociolek -

Fashion Show

Possibly our biggest event other than After Prom itself. Help our students
walk down the Steinert runway in the latest prom fashions. This committee
requires a number of dedicated parents whose responsibilities include
compiling an ad book, scripting the show, coordinating formalwear,
overseeing the students’ dance routine, just to name a few. Assistance from
all grade levels is required for this event. Organizational skills and volunteer
support are vital.

Chairs:   Michelle Schulz -

Madeline Laverty -


Help coordinate the various events that raise funds for the After Prom party. Including but not limited to, American Tradition Baskets, Bingo, Student Volleyball Tournaments, Scrip Gift Cards, KidStuff Coupon Books and more. We do our best to have something for everyone and new fundraising ideas are always welcome!

Chairs:  TBD


Sometimes it takes a little enticing to get students to participate and we do that by offering prizes at After Prom. This committee will collect and organize prizes for Casino and Boardwalk for the night of After Prom, the Fashion Show and Supper With Your Senior raffles as well as extra door prizes, so that all seniors go home with a little something. If you’re a bargain shopper extraordinaire, like to do the “Black Friday” thing . . . Macy’s One Day Sales . . . or shop EBay deals . . . then sign on the dotted line because this is your committee!

Chair:   Lori Wisser -

Publicity/Senior Message/Robo Calls

Our cause needs to be shouted out to the community both locally and within the school. Can you help spread the word? Are you a good advertiser? Able to design and distribute flyers and notices? This could be the committee for you. Senior Message responsibilities include the sale and design of messages seniors’ loved ones leave for them the night of After Prom.

Chairs:   Denise Wyers -

Kim Jeannette -


Do you own a restaurant, deli or have a good connection with anyone who does? Maybe you can help with food donations? This committee is responsible for feeding all of our students with tasty finger foods and snacks! Would you like to be sure no one goes hungry at the After Prom and be around to watch everyone enjoy your treats? This committee gets to attend the After Prom and be part of the action in the cafeteria. How about considering this committee and watching all those hungry students enjoy the fruits of your labor?

Chairs:   TBD


Do you still remember being a hall monitor? Did you keep your patrol badge? This may be the spot for you. Volunteers are needed to keep our students safe and smart during After Prom. Pushovers need not apply.

Chair:   Bill Berish -

Senior Breakfast

Kickoff for After Prom! This is where the excitement begins! Senior students are treated to a breakfast of bagels, muffins, donuts, fruit and more. Are you good at setting up a buffet and serving everything fast? This event has a short time frame so it moves quickly. If you can take the morning off and be at school bright and early, this is for you.

Chairs:   Stacey Everett -

Stacie Mastroianni -

Senior Gifts

All seniors are given a themed gift commemorating After Prom. This committee designs, orders and distributes the gift to all seniors. If you have a business connection that is willing to donate the cost of these gifts, we need you!

Chair:   TBD


Do you want to be part of making the vision come true? Can you come over before the event and set-up? We need set-up volunteers from as early as 2:00 pm the day of prom through 11:00 pm. It’s a full day, but can be shortened with many hands. Are you an early bird? Do you like to work fast, get it done and be on your way? Are you good at putting things in their place? Then Clean-Up is the committee for you! This job is short and sweet. Arrive at 4:00 am and be done by 7:00 am. This is a job where strong hands and backs are needed. It’s putting our decorations back where they belong. It’s only a few hours, but it’s the job that completes the event.

Chair:   Tori McMahon -


Supper With Your Senior

Are you the Queen of Hosting? If so, than this is for you! Plan and coordinate Supper With Your Senior for up to 400 guests! The best part is you don’t have to cook! You and your committee will coordinate the hall, assign tables and basically orchestrate the entire evening for seniors and their families. This in another committee that requires the support of underclassmen parents; so that the night of the event senior parents can enjoy “Supper With Your Senior”.

Chairs:   Betsy Kusnirik -

Lisa Fraca  -


Ticket Masters wanted! Help is needed designing and selling tickets for Fashion Show, Supper With Your Senior and After Prom. This is a job that gets done mostly on your own time. If you’re creative, adept at making spreadsheets and can spend time at school during the day, sign up now! Volunteers are also needed for the night of Fashion Show, Supper With Your Senior and After Prom night for check-in.

Chair:   Madeline Laverty -


This is the committee for you to “get your feet wet” and “test the waters”. Each committee requires the assistance of underclassmen parents; after all, senior parents would love to watch their students in the Fashion Show and have Supper With Their Senior. Our underclassmen volunteers make that possible. As an underclassmen volunteer, you’ll get to assist in various areas and learn what it takes to make the After Prom a success. (So when it’s your turn, you can hit the ground running). Underclassmen volunteers will be given special consideration when it comes time for chair selections during their senior year. After all, an experienced Chair is priceless!

Chairs:   Kathy Burger -

Alicia Johnson -


Maintain and publish documents and information on the After Prom website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Are you organized? Are you a good communicator?

Chair:   Lori Wisser -